Experience - David Scott
Technical Project Manager/Programmer
Marine Terminal Computer Systems, Inc.

1986-1990 Directed the sole outsource computer group for CMT Systems, a Bechtel/CMT startup. The startup specialized in automated material handling systems for break-bulk marine cargo. I interfaced to the startup owners, facility operating contractors, and assembled and directed the dedicated MTCS staff that grew to over 30 people. I directed the entire staff which provided system integration for the complete startup business including: computer implementation schedules, requirements, specifications, fixed priced software estimates, software development, integration, training and required staffing levels for various projects worldwide. To meet long term startup objectives; I successfully transitioned the staff to C++, object oriented development, and CASE tools.

1981-1986 Directed a nine person implementation group that designed and installed a fully automated, US$23,500,000 material handling computer system for the US Steel Corporation in Fairfield, Alabama. The system took three years to build and was demonstrated to the customer at the end of 1984. After the demonstration, the customer contracted for an additional year of enhancements to the system. The contract was finished in October of 1985. The system is the only fully automated system of its type and includes a unique transaction based architecture that allows the system to easily migrate from the UNIX development environment to a DEC VMS production environment. In addition to managing the group; I designed, coded, and implemented the transaction architecture on both platforms. The architecture resulted in a USENIX paper.