ExamFolder Technology Integrator

Cargo examination systems will integrate multiple sensors because single sensor systems can be defeated. Trials with multiple sensors have also resulted in both increased inspection accuracy and throughput. The traditional integration point for multiple sensor outputs is paper. Cargo inspection analysts must evaluate a file folder containing many interrelated pieces of paper within minutes. File folders with paper have proven to be an obsolete medium for complex data presentation. A computer-based system, ExamFolder Technology Integrator uses an open architecture to receive input from multiple sensors treating each input data set as a document. Documents from any sensor, even those yet to be developed, can be collected, structured, and displayed to the analyst. The documents include, but are not limited to: digital data, imagery, video and digitized voice. The system structures the documents for scrutinizing manifested cargo, shipper, shipping agent, carrier, broker, forwarder and consignee histories. This reduces pressure on the analyst for timely completion of the inspection. The ExamFolder Technology Integrator is an efficient, sensor-vendor independent, computer screen-based, cargo inspection system providing meaningful information to the cargo analyst.