Sun SPARCstation - High performance RISC architecture for technical and specialized commercial applications, disk I/O read and write clustering, fully buffered DMA operation and synchronous SCSI software.

SPARCstation FileServer - Low-cost, multiprocessing SPARCserver delivers the most affordable, high-performance NFS¨ fileserver solution for small to medium-size workgroups.

Printer - Prints 12 pages per minute of Postscript language compatible

RS-232 Server - High performance serial and parallel communications expander tailored for the Sun Workstation. Utilizes the industry standard TCP/IP networking protocol to communicate and establish virtual login and device services.

Scanner - 600 dpi gray scanner operating in the OpenWindows environment. Images such as manifests are scanned and saved in the ExamFolder program.

Video Camera - standard NTSC video camera.

Geiger Counter - Battery/line power, built in battery charger; panel meter for HV reading, and battery check, operates proportional, scintillation or G-M detectors; electronic timer.

Voice Recognition Unit - High-performance continuous speech recognizer, trainable by anyone in any language, recognizes natural continuous speech, and does not require host computer resources for processing. Serial I/O for terminal, bar code wand, printer, etc.